The Blue Sky Tag

Thank you Kelley for your nomination. Kelley has an amazing craft blog. Check it out:

This little tag game has a few rules… and I’m going to break them – not trying to be disrespectful at all. Instead of continuing the chain I’ll happily promote Kelley’s blog and answer the questions she has posed. Forgive me – weird superstition with chain letters. 


1. Where in the world are you? I’m from Sydney, Australia.

2. What is your passion? I have a few. I love all things creative (art, drawing, designing, creating, craft, baking, painting), I love animals – especially my fur babies. I’m family oriented. My work is another area that I’m very passionate about. I work with kids with intellectual and physical disabilities. I also love to exercise and I’m trying to be healthy. And I love to learn.. and books.. and Disney.. and bunnies.. and owls.. and teapots.. and the colour turquoise..

3. What original creation are you most proud of? This is tricky, I tend to make and move on.. there’s always more to make, create, and dream. I don’t know if I am able to answer this question sufficiently.

4. What is your worst project fail? I finished a canvas that was 5 metres long and spilt red paint across it as I was walking back to the storeroom. 

5. How are you inspired to create? Everything inspires me.. ideas come thick and fast., and seemingly from no where. I’ll look at a topic and usually boom boom boom I have ideas.. or I touch a craft medium and boom another idea. But what inspires me to put the effort in.. that’s easy. My students inspire me. I love to bring them joy and making art accessible to all students is something I’m very passionate about.

6. When did I discover my creativity? I think I’ve always been creative.. it’s as much a part of me as my hand.. my hands are always busy and I get the urge to create, decorate, celebrate.

Good luck fellow creative creators 💎

Water and Exercise 

The perfect afternoon for a swim.. and an enjoyable way to burn some calories. I’m grateful for the patch of sunlight and a refreshing way to exercise. #coolwater #exercise #becomingthebestmeicanbe 

Peanut Butter

I’m grateful for peanut butter.. I’m also grateful that peanuts are not an allergy trigger for me… this for some reasons surprises everyone. #anorchidsview #grateful💖 #attitudeofgratitude 

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 23

Something I overlook.. everyday I overlook how privileged I am. I complain that I’m tired.. and forget that I had a warm, dry bed. I complain that I’m bored of my food (restricted diet).. and forget that I have plenty of fresh, healthy, nutritious food to eat. I complain about the amount of traffic on the roads.. and forget that I have the luxury of a car to travel safely to work in. I complain that my medication costs so much.. and forget that I have access to amazing health care system. I complain that my phone battery is almost dead.. and forget how lucky I am to have access to all kinds of technology. I over look my privileged life. #30dayphotochallenge #anorchidsview #privledged