What people do on trains..

So my trip today to Chatswood and back.. Maybe five stops on the train line.. Well it was interesting. I was people watching. It was amazing to see what people do when they think no one is watching.

 One woman was using a finger nail clipper and spent the entire trip spreading bits of nails all around her. She was completely fine leaving little bits of herself on the carriage floor. 

Another woman had her compact mirror open – at first I thought she was checking her make up but on second inspection I realised she was intent on picking her nose. 

Am I the only one grossed out by this? I understand that nails need to be cut – but not on the train people! And I understand that noses need to be – okay wait! Just blow your nose with a tissue!!! Ew.

New Shanghai 

img_5019img_5014img_5018img_5015 This Chinese restaurant is located in Chatswood (in the Lemon Grove). I have eaten here several times and always been satisfied. The food is amazing, fresh and comes out of the kitchen so quickly. We spent a total of twenty minutes in the restaurant from sitting down to paying our bill. It’s so cheap. Always very popular so sometimes there’s a wait for a table but it’s worth it! Best dumplings I have ever eaten – every time. Plenty of vegetarian options too. Definitely give out of five 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Looking up

  I spent the day wandering the city with a good friend. Today we decided to look up… It is amazing to walk through familiar areas and see it from a totally different perspective.   

Tomorrow When the War Began

“Tomorrow When the War Began” is the first novel in the Tomorrow Series written by Australian author John Marsden.  The first time I read this book was when I was in year 9. I was fifteen years old – roughly the same age as the characters in the story. I was the type of kid that was always out hiking and camping and exploring the bushlands of Australia which coincidentally is what the characters in the story were doing too.

The book is about a group of teenagers who go away camping for a couple of days into the bush. During this time Australia is invaded by a foreign power. The teenagers return from the bush to find that their whole world has changed. Their families are missing, their houses abandoned, their pets are neglected and there are soldiers – everywhere. War has literally arrived on their door step. And now they must work out how to survive alone.

It is an emotional novel written from the perspective of a teenage girl who doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of war. She details how they survive, their plans and how they feel.  This book made a great impact on me and always makes me think.. ‘if I was in their shoes, would I be so brave?’. The story feels so real, so compelling, which makes it frightening because it feels like it could really happen.

I have read this story numerous times. I would encourage any reader (young or old) to give this series a try – even though it falls into ‘Young Adult’ fiction it is  written in such a way that readers of any age can and will enjoy. I give this story five out five stars. * * * * *


Pin up

Today I wanted to share with you all.. My love of pin up fashion.  I love the celebration of curves, the pouty red lips and big eyes.. The gorgeous curls.