Five Little Sharks

This story is cute – it can be sung to the tune of 5 little ducks/5 little monkeys. This story is great for preschool and infants school students. It also works well for students with intellectual disability who are learning basic counting. The song makes the story fun and memorable.

I have provided the template for an activity that my class completed based on this story.

Chloe’s Five Little Sharks Template

I have also included a link to the 5 little fishies song – I know it isn’t sharks!

5 Little Fishies Song

Lone Wolf

‘Lone Wolf’ is a novel by Jodi Picoult. The protagonist of the story is teenage Cara who holds a grudge against her brother Edward who ran away from home shortly before their parent’s divorced. After the divorce Cara lives with her father on an animal conservation reserve. Her father, Luke is famous for his work with wolves. Edward is phoned to come home because both Cara and Luke have been in a serious car accident that resulted in Luke becoming comatose. The story recounts the decisions that the two young people must face when it comes to turning off the life support of their father.

It is an interesting read that is thought provoking and disturbing – it makes you realise how mortal we really are and makes you question your ideas and beliefs. I find that I always learn a lot from reading Jodi Picoult’s work. This particular story not only taught me about the legal processes surrounding medical cases but also about the lives of wolves, their pack hunting, their biology and their natures. I found it fascinating.

I would recommend others reading this story. I give it a four out of five. ****Lone-Wolf-by-Jodi-Picoult