So I don’t normally shop purely for brand names. If I like a product, I like it – not the brand. A friend of mine recommended Kylie Jenner’s Lipkit and admittedly I was sceptical. I did some research and all the reviews were positive so I thought I’d give it a go. I am so glad I did! These kits are amazing.

The colour is so vibrant and the product is long lasting! I can teach all day with barely a touch up. I liked it so much that I ordered a couple of other shades!

Parents of today

So I was thinking about that saying..’what is the world coming to?’.. The thought that ‘children these days aren’t as well behaved’.. And it made me think about all the friends of mine who are young parents, made me think about my family, my brothers.. It made me think of all the mums and dads and carers that I know and how truly great they are.

I want people to think about what this generation of parents are going through. A generation where almost everyone works. A generation where there is no longer the role of ‘house wife’ (or husband) because most people cannot afford to have one parent staying home. This generation is constantly judged – social media enables everyone to be connected but it also brings expectations. The expectation that both the parent and child look perfect, act perfect and participate in multiple fun activities. There are rarely photos of the hard times, the real times. Times where a parent or carer has been up all night nursing a sick child or the mess of the lounge room after the kids have had ‘fun’ or the sink full of unwashed dishes because dinner got burnt because kid number two spilt paint all over their bedroom. And let’s face it – these times happen – a lot!

I want to give a shout out to all the mums and dads and carers out there. You are all amazing (even when you are covered in someone else’s snot, even when your clothes are creased because you didn’t have time to iron, and even when you turn up to work only to realise your reports are covered in crayon). Being a parent or carer is hard, tiring work.

 It’s about time someone took notice of all the good that is happening with the kids of today. The kids who accept new cultures, who happily try different foods, and are learning to recycle. The kids who know about environmental issues, who are kind, the kids who are skilled in technology, who can speak more than one language, the kids who are sweet and friendly, the kids who are going to be tomorrow’s leaders. It’s time for people to look beyond the messy hair of the poor parent whose child is having a tantrum in the supermarket and realise how tough they are having it. That poor parent has probably been at work all day and just picked up their little one from daycare. Neither child nor adult has had a break yet – so cut them some slack. 

If we all try to understand and offer kindness and help rather than judgement and eye rolling – it might make the world a brighter place. Parents and carers out there – don’t give up! Please remember that you are not alone. That your best is good enough. You are enough. I personally think the children of today are in very capable hands.