I’m grateful for a Halloween themed cheer night. Tonight we had two teams training together and helping each other to achieve their best. It was a night of embracing cheer, our teams, our club and ourselves. It was a night that empowered and motivated and inspired. I’m so grateful to be a part of a club that values teamwork, athleticism and sportsmanship. And if anyone is curious I was a drowned sailor 😉#attitudeiseverything #anorchidsview #halloween #grateful💖

Not just a clover

I’m grateful for this little clover flower because my two year nephew picked it and bought it over to me as a gift. He thought it was pretty and wanted to share it. His kindness and innocence should be celebrated 💕. I love being an Aunty. #grateful💖#attitudeiseverything #anorchidsview 

Pretty peonies 

I was grocery shopping and stumbled across these gorgeous blooms! Their rich colour and soft curves are stunning. So pretty! They made me smile, so I had share them with you all 💕🌺#grateful💖 #anorchidsview #peonies 

Breakfast binge 

Some of you might know that recently my diet was restricted even further. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for nearly a month now. And it was a struggle to start with but I’ve gotten used to it. But today I tried a new cereal… and I don’t know whether I’ve just felt chocolate deprived and gone crazy.. this cereal is amazing! It even flavours the rice milk! I’m so grateful for cocoa bombs. I also enjoyed the corny jokes – so did mum. Might have been a little bit too excited about my cereal as I’ve eaten three bowls – now when I get weighed tomorrow I’ll have to act super surprised that I haven’t lost weight or risk telling the doc about my breakfast binge 🙈#anorchidsview #grateful💖 #attitudeiseverything