947 to go!

So the paper crane saga continues.. today a friend asked me ‘why bother?’ – not in a cruel or unkind way but more out of curiosity.. but it got me thinking. I bother because I believe there is something more to life than the mundane. I’m making my cranes out of any paper I have – today I recycled old catalogues.. scraps.. into something beautiful. While my cranes are not made by masterful hands.. they are beautiful in their own way. They are symbolic of hope, and hard work. They are a product of my life journey. But not only that.. I have found that it gets people talking.. it is a chance for me to share the story of a sick child and the hope she has bought to many people all over the world. So this is why I bother… I’m glad a friend asked as it made me reflect upon this journey and realise how much it means to me. I’m grateful to have started this unique task as I’m sure there will be more ‘wow’ moments to come. Also grateful to a friend’s advice on origami 😉 thank you. #anorchidsview #1000papercranes #grateful💖

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