I want to share with you my favourite photo from my whole cheer experience. This photo may not appear special or spectacular or anything to be excited about. But it is, this photo represents hard work, teamwork, friendship, tolerance, effort, motivation, hours upon hours in the gym, extreme patience and encouragement from coaches, and grit from a group of athletes. This photo shows that a group of girls – of mixed ages and backgrounds came together to achieve something truly special. This photo was snapped after we completed our routine at nationals. We had gone up a level this year and worked out butts off to complete a routine that in January last year I know we all had doubts that we could do. We did it, we nailed it. This photo shows the comradely and love of team mates. I’m grateful to have been a part of team who worked tirelessly, unselfishly towards a team goal. It’s one of the best experiences imaginable. Being a part of something bigger than who you are makes you achieve more than you could dream of. I’m so grateful to have had beautiful, hardworking coaches and to have been a part of a giant family that consisted of around 50 sisters. #ltil #icongymsports @iconsnakepit @icongymsports @nic_84a @geoffdudley @rosie.lewis__ #grateful💖 #anorchidsview 

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