Cranes and Moana

I just watched ‘Moana’ with three fabulous ladies. Heather, Amber, and Jess – what would I do without my movie buddies? It was fantastic. Absolutely loved it – did not love the weird moment when I felt something on my right arm.. and it was not Heather who was sitting on my right.. it was a man’s barefoot who was sitting behind me. He had poked his foot between the seats. When I turned around he smiled. So very awkward. I guess I was being awkward as well because I was making my cranes in the dark! I managed to make five. I’m so grateful to have been able to watch such a captivating movies with great friends. I know I’m going to enjoy playing this movie for my students when it comes out on DVD. #gratefulšŸ’– #attitudeofgratitude #anorchidsview #1000papercranes #moana

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