An ant bite 

So my day has been interesting. I survived a gruelling session of cross fit in 38c heat.. to be bitten by an ant and end up in hospital. I’m so grateful to the crossfit community who looked after me and phoned an ambulance. Anaphylaxis is a frightening experience for everyone (the first aider/carer/friends and the patient). Today’s episode was a bad one. I haven’t had many this bad.. when one epi pen wasn’t enough. The support, kindness, care, and thoughtfulness of Staff and community was amazing. These beautiful people are still getting to know me but went above and beyond to ensure my health and welfare. Thank you so much. Thank you Paul and Ben for checking in with me and contacting my mum(as well as looking after me as I was crying and puffy on the carpark floor).. thank you to the lady who held my hand and mothered me.. I don’t know you but I hope to one day thank you in person. You are such a sweet, beautiful heart. I’m grateful to the ambos.. all three of them! You guys were so professional, so thorough, and helpful. I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again but Alan, Stu, and Ron – you guys do a great job and I’m so thankful for your assistance. Thank you also thanks my mum.. who has her usual seat by my bed. Thank you.. I can never repay the kindness I was shown today – but I’m going to try! #anorchidsview #trulyblessed #grateful💖 @crossfitmillennium ps sorry to have disrupted the 6:30 class!

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