323 to go!

Found a great place to make cranes! Sitting with beautiful friends watching ‘Grease’ at an outdoor cinema! It was ‘sing-along’ night. The audience sang, danced, and recited the movie. So much fun. So grateful to spend time with my fabulous gal pals. #anorchidsview #1000papercranes #grease #outdoormoviecinema #grateful💖I’m grateful to the lovely man at the concession stand who gave me an extra tub of fruit for free! Thank you kind sir! Yum! #grateful💖 #outdoormoviecinema #anorchidsview 

Im grateful to have had a delicious lunch with some very special people. It was great to catch up today and relax. We went to Brooklyn – and I got a little lost when trying to locate our cafe.. a pair of older ladies promised me that if I couldn’t find my friends that I could eat lunch with them. They were so kind, so cheerful, and so welcoming. #grateful💖 #anorchidsview 

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