So my inspiration today comes from being someone else’s inspiration. This may sound weird so let me explain. Yesterday a close friend of mine caught me in the corridor at work and told me that I had inspired her to get on the treadmill that morning. This afternoon my arms were aching from my crossfit effort yesterday.. it started to pour with rain.. it was hot.. there were so many excuses for me not to go to my session today. But in my head I could hear the voice of my friend.. I felt I had to live up to her inspiration. I put my shoes on.. I trudged through the rain to get to my car and I drove to the gym. I am humbled to have been someone’s inspiration and grateful that a friend told me so. The hardest part of any challenge is starting. That may mean getting in your workout gear and heading out the door.. or it might mean speaking up for yourself.. or signing up to a new course. But it is always worth the effort. I am happy and sore and probably going to hurt more tomorrow – but my efforts will eventually pay off. Let’s inspire each other. Let’s share our successes and congratulate and celebrate each other. Life is not a race against each other, life is a journey with obstacles that we can help each other overcome. #weightlossjourney #becomingthebestmeicanbe #anorchidsview #grateful💖 

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