Starting to make our classroom into a rainforest. So lucky to work with such great people. One especially thoughtful friend asked what she could do to support my weight loss journey. This is an incredibly kind gesture. Our job is hard enough.. yet she went out of her way to help and support me. Thank you 😊. I’m also very grateful to our class volunteer Tahlia, who helped me to create countless amounts of vines to hang throughout the classroom. And of course I am always, always, always, grateful to have my beautiful SLSO (teacher’s aide) with me through thick and thin. Kamal you are such a treasure and I’m so lucky to share another year with you. The SLSOs in our school are the irreplaceable. They are tireless, hardworking, witty, selfless, kind, caring, and loving souls. Without them our school could not function. Thanks for all of your hard work 💕💕💕💕💕#anorchidsview #grateful💖#teacherlife #slso #teachersaide #specialeducation

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