30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 2

I was very worried about my little man who has a belly ache. I fear any harm coming to those I love. Blizzard had a visit to the vet and some fluids and critical care food – which he hates. Finally his digestive system is working again. Bunnies are sensitive little critters. So glad he is okay. #gratefulđź’– #anorchidsview #30dayphotochallenge 

CD Flamingos 

Say hello to today’s flamingos! Tomorrow we will be making caiman. I’m pretty excited about that. The Black Caiman is the top predator in the Amazon Rainforest. Such a busy week and it is only Tuesday. A big shout out to the lovely Tahlia who helped me glue the kids work in their scrap books. Not sure how but I confused myself and needed help to work out which page I had missed. So grateful to have such a beautiful, patient volunteer in our room. As always thank you Kami – couldn’t do my job without your tireless efforts. Get excited for ‘Snake Cakes’ and snappy caiman tomorrow! #specialeducation #teacherlife #chloesclassroom #anorchidsview #gratefulđź’– 

Fairy Gardens 

Wow! Two of our first completed fairy gardens. Thank you so much to all the wonderful contributors. My students are having so much fun and I think the results are pretty cool! Can’t wait to do more. #anorchidsview #teacupfairygarden #chloesclassroom #teacherlife #specialeducation


Did you know that flamingos can be found in the Amazon? I was super excited to learn this because it meant that my class could make pretty pink flamingos to decorate our classroom. It was a very busy day in our room but we had an absolute ball. Very grateful to have Suzie and Kami keeping everything running smoothly. Love our little class fam bam – looking forward to seeing our fourth fam member Tahlia tomorrow đź’• #anorchidsview #chloesclassroom #flamingo #gratefulđź’– Sone more flamingos.. maybe I got a little bit excited? #flamingo #chloesclassroom #anorchidsview 

+ 0.2

All journeys have their ups and downs. Standing on the scales this week, I thought I would have lost a bit. I followed my eating plan precisely and I even got back to the gym again after being sick. I thought I would see a reasonable loss.. instead I gained 0.2kg. It feels like sucking a lemon! Bitter and sour. I could stand there and make excuses – it’s the steroids I am still on.. maybe it is the antibiotics.. maybe I’m retaining water.. the truth is, I don’t know why it happened. Perhaps it is just another challenge to overcome to continue on this journey. I know that I couldn’t have tried any harder than I did – and that is good enough for me. Hopefully next week the scales will portray my efforts. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I know I can do this. #health #becomingthebestmeicanbe #weightlossjourney #anorchidsview 

Face Mask

I’m grateful for face masks. It’s a good way to lift one’s spirits. My doctor lowered my steroid dosage because my blood pressure went alarmingly high, two days later I have a sinus infection. Frustrating.. but hey? Face masks are fun and my skin feels good. #anorchidsview #facemask #health #gratefulđź’–