Allergies are Deadly

Please be careful about the foods you take or send into a workplace or school. Allergies are no joke – they can be deadly. For anyone that thinks that needles don’t hurt – check out my legs. I’m grateful that my colleagues were so kind and assisted me with care and respect. Please, please.. consider lives over taste buds. I’m lucky that I can recognise what’s happening and treat myself accordingly. Children cannot always do this and some adults who have not had as much practice may not recognise it either.. Even when you know what is happening it is still frightening and it’s also frightening for the friends of the person having the attack. I’m also grateful to the paramedics who administered extra adrenaline and oxygen.. it was their second case of anaphylaxis for the day – in a school! #anorchidsview #epipen #anaphylaxis #gratefulšŸ’– #ambulance 

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