30 Day Book Challenge- Day 22

A book that has stayed in mind for a very long time. I first read this book as a set text when I was in year 5 – so about 11 years old. It’s a story that feels heartbreakingly real, and one set in New South Wales. Maybe to combination makes it extra emotive to the reader – I was a similar age to the protagonist and from a similar geographic location. Whatever the reason – I cry! 


Lara feels completely alone after the death of her mother. She is an intruder in her father’s new family, living far away from all that has been familiar. How can she find acceptance and love in this harsh place? Will the hostile Gladwyn and her kids ever really allow Lara to be part of the family she so longs for?

In the summer of raging storms Lara Ritchie must fight the storm within herself. It is through the unexpected friendship with a kindred spirit that Lara discovers the strength to face up to her ordeals. But where did he come from? Has he been sent to her for a reason? Who will explain his mystery to her? Less

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