+ 0.2

All journeys have their ups and downs. Standing on the scales this week, I thought I would have lost a bit. I followed my eating plan precisely and I even got back to the gym again after being sick. I thought I would see a reasonable loss.. instead I gained 0.2kg. It feels like sucking a lemon! Bitter and sour. I could stand there and make excuses – it’s the steroids I am still on.. maybe it is the antibiotics.. maybe I’m retaining water.. the truth is, I don’t know why it happened. Perhaps it is just another challenge to overcome to continue on this journey. I know that I couldn’t have tried any harder than I did – and that is good enough for me. Hopefully next week the scales will portray my efforts. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I know I can do this. #health #becomingthebestmeicanbe #weightlossjourney #anorchidsview 

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