These little size 6.5 feet ran 2km without stopping. For those runners out there it seems like a small distance.. for me it felt like a day.. but I did it. I did it with an epi-pen in one hand and my phone in the other (with Mum on speed dial and ready to drive to me if needed).. way too much organisation for a little jog but very necessary with my immune system so depleted at the moment. Apart from the cold air triggering asthma upon completion of the run.. it went well. My asthma is often induced by temperature changes so this wasn’t a surprise. I used to be a decent runner as a teenager.. I loved cross country. But with the onset of my allergies I was unable to go running alone. I lost confidence and fitness as my health declined. It’s taken a long time (7 years.. or maybe a bit more), a lot of hard work, trial and errors with medications and visits to numerous specialists to get to this point. But here I am. I am proud of myself and so grateful to everyone who has supported me and continues to do so. I am so grateful to my mum for supporting me in everything I do and willing to be on call.. knowing that it could go bad.. I know she worries about me a lot and I wish I could take that stress away. I’m also grateful to crossfit.. I am getting stronger and fitter every day. I’m grateful to my doctor who continues to help me.. and my nutritionist for taking on such a ‘complex’ case (his words not mine 😂). Every little achievement counts and should be celebrated.. so wooo go me! #anorchidsview #believeinyourself #becomingthebestmeicanbe #weightlossjourney #crossfit #grateful💖 

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