My weight loss journey is getting to the point where I need to sell some clothes and I’m starting to fit into new clothes. Today I sold my beautiful Voodoo Kitten top and godget skirt. Today I also tried on a few Kitten outfits that I purchased in smaller sizes. The zips zipped but they’re still a little snug. In a few weeks they’ll be perfect. Very exciting. I’m grateful to see and feel my progress.. sometimes the long slog is hard because even though my body is changing I don’t always see it. Today was an eye opener that I needed to continue my journey. 

Castaway Kitten

Today was a treat! I got to see the lovely Elise and shop and wear a nautical number! So grateful to have Elise in my life. She’s a genuine, sweet, and compassionate woman who never fails to make me smile.



Sunshine on a cold winter morning….. back in my classroom because we now have a ceiling hoist!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to my beautiful classroom neighbours for hosting our class this week while we were homeless. So grateful to the generosity of our school community for the help, support, and donations. This hoist will positively impact the lives of young people with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. Super exciting. 

30 Day Hybrid Training Challenge 

So tomorrow starts my 30 day challenge with my gym (where I do crossfit). We had to give a reason why we are starting the challenge and this is mine. 
I have severe allergies and have immunodeficiency. I have had very poor health and have been on steroids which have caused weight gain and physical discomfort.I have been working really hard with my nutritionist to lose weight but I face almost daily challenges with my illnesses. I frequently end up in hospital… tonsillitis for your average person is very uncomfortable and can mean that you’re unwell for a week.. I spend time in hospital and then am dosed up on steroids for weeks and sometimes months. Every infection usually leads to some other infection and some other mishap. This is a part of my life that I have little control over. I’ve joined up to help combat the feelings associated with chronic illness. It would be so easy to say that ‘it’s too hard’, or blame the steroids for my weight issues, or just give up. But that’s not in my nature. I want to stay motivated and interested and inspired. I want to shed the extra weight that I’m carrying so that my immune system has the best possible chance this winter. It might take me longer to drop the weight due to my obstacles but I know with the added support of this community I’ll have a secret weapon against the ‘it’s too hard’ thoughts. 


This is what 4:45am looks like.. dark and cold. Thank you for walking with me mum. Very stiff back in the morning chill but we did our 45 minute ‘brisk’ walk. So grateful to have such a supportive mum. #anorchidsview #attitudeofgratitude #grateful💖 #weightlossjourney #walking