I’m grateful to have so many beautiful hearts in my life. I had a tough week last week and a good friend surprised me with a beautiful scented soap – smells divine.. later in the day another good friend popped by my classroom to see how I was going. I feel truly blessed to have friends who go out of their way to check in, and show that they care. My class buddy and classroom next door neighbours are so supportive – I feel we can get through anything when we work together. So lucky to have you girls xx And then, after work I came home to the smell of baked chicken. Mum rushed home to bake me dinner.. (I eat early so I have something in my tummy before I work out and mum knows how much I love her baked chook). I’m spoilt rotten. Then it was time to workout. I’m really lucky to be part of the 6:30 crew.. everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and the fact that we all share the desire to be the healthiest we can be is a bonus. My peers inspire me just as much as our coaches do. I’m feeling truly blessed. Thank you to all the beautiful hearts out there for your kindness 💕

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