We made it!

It’s a bit of a tradition in our school to start the last morning of term to eat chocolate before school.. I was surprised by a thoughtful soul of supplied Chloe friendly chocolate (wheat, dairy, milk, corn,.. etc free). Thank you so much for thinking of me 💕 I can’t believe we made it! Term 2 done ✅ and now time to rest and recuperate (hopefully that will get rid of my sinus infection!). I Today we also farewelled a dear friend. He will be taking leave for a semester. He will be greatly missed from our staff, as will his technological knowledge, kindness, and general special education know how. All the best dear friend. 

Berry Nice 

I’m grateful to my mum who made me a beautiful breakfast… I did the topping 😜but I know how spoilt I am and how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, generous mummy. Makes the last day of term a little bit more bearable.. especially when you’ve got a cold. 


Sometimes you need to take a few moments out of your busy life to stop and treat yourself. One more day until the school holidays and I’m exhausted… with a fever. So I decided a nice long soak in a bubble bath and a face mask would help revive me. Someone doesn’t know the meaning of ‘privacy’.. Mimi came to see what I was doing.. luckily he doesn’t like water! 

Be Happy

A reminder to everyone who is tired. To everyone who wants a break.. who needs a rest.. who has had enough. Breathe. You’ve got this! And remember you’re not alone