Becoming the Best Me

Today I zipped up three dresses that were previously too small. My once tight cowboy boots are now loose fitting around my calves. My lungs are stronger, my heart happier, and my life much richer. Making my health my priority actually made my life so much better… I am able to give more to others, be there for those I love, I’m able to achieve more, and attempt more, I have more energy, stamina, enthusiasm, and dreams… because I took the courage to make myself a priority. It’s not selfish to look after yourself. If you’re healthy and whole you become more resilient. You’re able to share your strength with those around you. This hasn’t been an easy journey, and my journey is no where near over but I’m learning to look in the mirror and see my potential.

2 thoughts on “Becoming the Best Me

  1. herstorycontinued says:

    It’s always such a great feeling when clothes fit a little better (or a little worse if they’re getting too big) and I love that you’re seeing progress in other areas as well (lungs, life, etc.). Congrats on your progress, keep up the hard work, you’re doing amazing things! x

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