Another step in the right direction 

Okay.. I honestly didn’t know whether I’d be able to do this… but I did. I complete today’s workout in 28 min and 28 secs. I wasn’t anywhere near the front of the pack but I smashed the previous Chloe world record. I didn’t rest during the row.. I did 600 single skips as I am not yet able to consistently skip double unders (that’s a work in progress!) and I ran without stopping.. even up that hill.. every time. I’m super proud of myself and how far I’ve come. The best part about it.. I was also super proud of all my workout buddies. It’s amazing to see everyone improve. We are all getting fitter and stronger. I’m grateful to have such a great community to workout with. So now I’m sweaty and for some reason sneezy.. time to jump in the shower. 

So today was the first time in 8 + years (could be even longer) that my blood counts were in the normal range for white blood cells…. AND my body has started utilising iron.. I went from an extreme deficiency (2 years ago) to an average storage rate(6 months ago) to now utilising my iron.. this means my liver is functioning (almost as well as an average person). 

2 thoughts on “Another step in the right direction 

  1. aalilamar says:

    Very motivational… the same experiences i’m making. I’m now fully dedicated 3 times a week and can’t believe the progress I’ve made so far. To see how every one is pushing hard to make it through the WOD… we started this week by somehow doing the same WOD’s that are part of the CrossFit Games. Check out my Monday’s WOD (… When I saw that, I would have never thought that I can make it… but I finished after 28 minutes and couldn’t believe it first… lying on the ground for about 5 minutes, trying to breath and to suck up every tiny particle of air… but I did it, WE did it! Thanks for the motivation!!!

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