Back on Track 

It’s Sunday night and I have had a weekend full of family fun. Saturday hanging out with the youngest Rose.. our funny, cheeky, little Koby.. dinner with my parents, Adam and Maegan, catching up with my little brother Mark and Maya.. I love that their studio is downstairs because it means I get to see them regularly… Sunday was spent with our little twins.. going to a fete for pony rides, train rides, face painting, crab hunting at Bobbin Head, watching Moana… and then a catch up with Ben and Pip.. and dinner with my parents. It’s only now that my family have gone home (except my beautiful mum, of course!) that I’ve had time to reflect. I have such a privileged life. And lately I’ve been a little lax about what I put into my body. I’ve not eaten as healthily as I should.. I know that I need to be accountable. If I want to enjoy my privileged life to the fullest I need to take charge of my health and life. Tomorrow marks another battle of healthy eating. I’m human, I stuff up.. but I’m also resilient. I’m getting back on track. Please don’t offer me chips this week – while I love them, I don’t need them. I’m grateful to have my family remind me (albeit unknowingly) how lucky I am. 

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