What a week!

Sometimes you have to remind yourself how truly blessed you are. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with health issues and that has taken its toll. I’m exhausted. And when you’re not feeling great life seems harder, normal challenges become monumental and mistakes feel much bigger. But I don’t have a bad life, nor even an average life. I have an extraordinary life, filled with extraordinary people, animals, and experiences. I have a mum who woke up early today to make me wheat free English muffins for breakfast… and I had a fluffy, silky, soft bunny snuggle into my chest while my muffins toasted. I have some beautiful friends who popped by at work to check how I was going.. I had a long chat to a close pal this afternoon after our meeting.. I came home to a cheeky, ginger kitty winking at me. He rubbed his head against my leg as if to say ‘I love you’.. I went to the gym (an activity that I love).. it was a hard work out and I had a few mishaps tonight – I’m not injured! I just got rattled (probably a combination of events – a rough day and exhaustion). And yes it wasn’t my best session physically but do you know what? It was on of the most special sessions I have ever experienced. My crew mates were so kind, so encouraging, and so helpful. It really warmed my heart and helped me to continue the workout. Thank you beautiful 6:30 crew. Then to arrive home to my mum (I’m so lucky to have her).. she had dinner ready and waiting for me.. now I haven’t listed every single aspect of my day.. but just the basics.. and it’s already a pretty amazing day. Life is how we view it. I am beyond blessed. Everyday is a blessing.. sometimes it’s successful and some days are for learning.

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