Liptember- September 5th

Today I remembered something that perhaps I’d pushed to the back of my mind this past week. Instead of focusing on my blessings, I was focussed on what was stressing me. As Liptember is about raising awareness for women’s mental health – it’s also a way of helping others realise that our resilience only exists if we have to overcome adversity. How will we ever know how strong we are if we are never challenged. Right now is a challenging time for me. But I also know I’ve been through worse and I will bounce back. So to count my blessings today.. 1. seeing the lovely Tahlia come back from surgery healed and whole.

2. Having a lunch with one of my favourite pals

3. Catching up with some gal pals for a chat after school

4. Sharing my worries and stresses with a dear friend, knowing that my thoughts and feelings were accepted and legitimate… and knowing I’m not alone in my stresses

5. Finding the bath bomb and chocolates two gorgeous girlfriends gifted me as a cheer up

6. Being able to comfortably wear overalls that were previously too tight for our Book Week Parade.. ps hence why I have fake freckles and a flannelette top đŸ˜‰

7. Coming home to a mum who had attempted yet another Chloe friendly recipe 

8. Working out with great friends and pushing myself until the only thing I could think about was my breath

9. Delicious dinner.. stuffed capsicums 

10. Cuddles with my kitten and bunny 

11. A steaming hot shower after a hard work out 

My blessings far outweigh my stressings. How does your day add up? I’m am truly blessed. I’m so grateful to have such kind, beautiful hearts ensure that I remember that I’m loved.

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