Keep on Trying

Well.. there’s coincidences and there’s fate.. I collect quotes in bunches of about ten or fifteen at a time. It means that I don’t have to search for a new quote each morning – some mornings I do if I feel that the quote that is next on the pile doesn’t suit my mood or situation (this rarely happens)… today this quote came up. And it is perfect. Life throws obstacles at us all. Lately I’ve felt like it’s just been one obstacle after another – and let’s face it, this happens from time to time. I’ve been slowly crawling my way over or under or around each brick wall. And I will continue to do so. This quote just puts my situation into words – words I’ve struggled to find. And it’s also shown me the answer to what we all must ask.. how?!? How will I get through this? Sometimes we don’t need to know the exact method only that we will get through each trial. We will get to the other side. We just need to keep on trying. Just don’t give up. 

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