Take a Breath

Very true, but not always as easy as it sounds. Lately it’s been many deep breaths and constant reminders to myself that I will get through this. And if I can overcome my obstacles I’m sure that anyone reading this out there also has the power to overcome theirs.

I am not taking away from your struggle – I am sure that you or someone you know is going through a tough time. I just know that I am not an extraordinary human, I’m an everyday person. I go through everyday problems – I have my shares of ups and downs. And if this everyday person (me) can get through her challenges then I’m sure that you (dear reader) will also get through yours. 

Now please excuse the language in this quote. But I definitely have been giving myself pep talks. And there’s much to be said for it. Give it a go. It might help you. Sometimes I laugh at myself and that helps, other times it seriously makes me feel stronger.

If all of your other coping strategies have failed.. it is time to think outside the box. Maybe reaching out to a friend, a loved one, or even writing your thoughts down may help you. 

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