Even starting a new way of thinking is hard. It’s like a caterpillar finally realising it is a butterfly. A creature with wings, freedom, and a whole new world of opportunities.. as long as you can get your head around change. 

Nature really is incredible. How can creatures transform into completely different creatures with different anatomical structures and instinctively understand their new bodies and their new lives. We humans (who are apparently very intelligent) can struggle to even change our way of thinking. Perhaps the key is to change your way of being.

Perhaps Darwin is correct. The person able to adapt to change will be the one who not only survives but who will also prosper. 

I used to watch this show all the time – ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. But strangely it is the first time I have ever read this quote. More strangely still, it rings true. I think all of us have that little self trapped inside of us. The one who is infinitely more talented and capable than the self we present to the world. Perhaps we are all too scared to free our wings and be that person. 

We do need to learn to adapt and then perhaps we can learn to fly or to surf or ski or whatever it is you need to do to be able to move forward and be who you know you can be. 

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