Embrace the Storm 

Embracing the storms in your life.. at the times when the storm is hitting the hardest this is the hardest time to embrace it. Seriously.. you have the non stop rain pounding down. It makes you feel cold, sniffling, and exhausted. You just want to take shelter. Then comes the thunder – the loud booming thoughts that come suddenly and leave you shocked, frightened, and anxious. The lightening that illuminates every thing that could possibly go wrong. The wind that finds your exposed skin and nips and pinches at your already frozen flesh. That same wind also whispers self doubts into your already confused and fearful mind. This isn’t something that is easy to embrace. And sometimes even when you gather all of your courage the best you can do is survive the storm. And do you know what? That’s okay. 

I am slowly coming out of my storm. The hail appears to be chasing me at the moment. Pelting the occasional rock hard ice at me just to remind me that it is there. 

I can’t say that when the storm had hit me hardest that I embraced it. I was completely overwhelmed. But, I’m not ashamed of that either. Now that I am coming out of the storm I’m able to put my life into perspective. Something I could not have done without this tumultuous storm. I am putting myself back together and noticing the importance of putting myself as a priority rather than a secondary thought. 

My life will never return to the state it was before this storm hit. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t be just as good, if not better. I just have to adjust my sails, and pick a different course. 

And that to me is an achievement. I still have sails. I am still me. I am a whole person, albeit somewhat wiser than I once was. 

So if you (dear reader), are having any self doubts right now or perhaps wondering how you are supposed to embrace your own furious storm… just do the best you can. If that means hiding under a blanket, or holding someone’s hand, or having a few days where you just cry.. it’s okay. A storm such as the one you’re going through can last a while – you just have to last longer. And you do not have to do it alone. Be brave. Reach out. You’ll get there eventually. 

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