Mountainous Obstacles 

This is something I am learning right now. And is also something I have never really had to question before. I wonder if you (dear reader) would change your life if you suddenly had a mountain thrust in your path. Well I decided the climb the mountain. It was a long, slow, slog of a climb. Every step was slippery with ice. I felt as if I’d fall off it. Half of me thought I wouldn’t ever reach the summit. And the other half thought that once I reached the summit my problems would disappear.  But the truth is, I reached the summit and my problems didn’t float away… but the mist that had clouded my vision for so long had dissipated. It made me realise some hard truths. And that has lead to some pretty life changing decisions. 

My life’s path isn’t going to be what I thought it would always be. And strangely, I  am grateful to have had this giant mountain appear in my life. It’s been a painful journey thus far, but it has also been enlightening. It has tested me to my very core. And I know now that sometimes there are things in life you can’t control. The only thing you can control is your reaction to them. 

Sometimes that means leaving your current path and heading in a different direction. Sometimes you need to just let go. 

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