Plot Twist

It’s possible that we could all turn into a bunch of bitter lemons after we experience injustice, heartache, and trauma. But it’s also possible to learn from these experiences and become stronger, better people. I think it’s a choice that each individual person must make. 

I knew that I had hit rock bottom a few weeks back. But I also knew that I would never stay there. The last few weeks I have been kicking my little legs as hard as I could to resurface and breathe the air above. It is not our situation that defines who we are but it’s how we respond. 

I know that there is plenty to learn from this. Right now, I know I’m not through it yet.. but I have already learnt so much about myself. I have learnt that I have a heart full of courage. I’ve been terrified. But I have also stood up for myself. I might have cried – a lot. But I never gave up and I know that I never will. 

As the quote above clearly states – you cannot show courage without first being fearful. Fear isn’t something to be ashamed of. I can’t help but worry or be fearful, but I can choose to continue to find the courage to overcome each obstacle. 

My life is my book. I have had many contributing authors to my life’s story. Mostly those authors have been friends and loved ones who have added sugar, and spice, and everything nice to my tale. But I’ve also had others throw buckets of ice cold water upon me and scream out ‘plot twist!’. It’s these chapters that have always been the hardest to complete. But they’ve also been valuable to my book – it gives me a chance to grow, it pushes me in a new direction, it alters my life completely. 

Plot twists aren’t easy. I’m sure everyone has experienced at least one plot twist in their life time. It’s a time where we need to learn to adapt to our new path. It’s a time where we learn what truly dwells in our hearts. I haven’t ever had a truly seamless transition from one twist to the next path. But I always get there in the end. This doesn’t mean that I lack strength or courage – I know I have both. Nor does it mean that I have ever given up. I haven’t. Sometimes we all need time to transition. To retrain our thought patterns. Time to embrace the mystery of the future.

I can’t say that I love mysteries – I like to solve them yes. But to live in mystery – alas, that is hard. I’m grateful to those who have and who are currently supporting me as I untangle the enigma that is my current life situation.

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