There are times when you can shine your inner light brightly and without second thought. Heralding the light and sharing the warmth to those around you. Then there are times when your inner light is but a pin prick in the darkness. It’s at these times we must continue to fight and share our light. 

It’s at these times when YOU need to try your hardest to show your mind the way. By all means, shine to let others know you’re here but shine to lead yourself out of the darkness. Shine to find the small pin prick and use it as a focal point. Your light isn’t extinguished, not yet, so fuel it.. ensure that it won’t go out.

It’s amazing how much a little tiny prick of light can illuminate a room of darkness. Keep fueling your light. Keep focussing on your light. Put your efforts not into fighting the darkness but expanding your inner light. Your little light cannot go out when there’s a tiny bit of hope remaining in your soul.

When you focus your efforts on your light you are giving your energy to your future. You are guiding your mind to the next step in your journey. Your light will flicker as the wind picks up. But breathe. Remain hopeful and focus on your flame. 

Allow your light to guide you. Step by step. Eventually, you’ll not have to try to keep your light ignited – it will begin to burn brightly and the maintenance will be much easier to manage. You will have times in life where your light flickers, where it may become so small that it could easily be snuffed out. But, you know now – that you’re strong enough to rebuild it. You can do it. 

You can share your light with those around you. You can spread your hope, your joy, your love. You can assist others to ignite their own flames. And perhaps you can be assisted too – you never have to complete a journey all alone. But your one job – is to never let your flame completely disappear. Even if your flame is smaller than a spark. It’s okay. You can rebuild. You can succeed. You will regain your strength. 

Sadly there are situations where we can’t control what happens and we might need the help of others. If your light has been extinguished, you’re not at fault. And you are not alone. You may feel like you have failed, that it will never get any easier. This is the time where we must put our pride aside and accept help from those around us. Let someone help to reignite your life light. Then help yourself to rebuild it.  

To shine is a choice. It’s a celebration of life – of overcoming adversity, of kindness, spirit, success, it’s the courage to continue to try, the perseverance required to get up after every set back. We all have a light… 

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