Stubbornness Vs Perseverance 

Success isn’t easily achieved – I think that’s what this quote is getting at. Success comes from perseverance. 

Success is learning to get back up after every fall. It’s the ability to grow from your life experiences and overcome adversity. A successful person may not win every round, but they get back up and keep on trying.

Success is about honesty. Honestly knowing where you are on your journey. You might still be taking your first steps down the path – that’s okay. It might be a long, hard climb that forces you to gasp for breath. And may cause you to have a few pauses on the way. That’s okay too. These pauses allow you to take in the view and reflect on your journey thus far. Even if that journey has taken a long time and you’re only a few steps up the hill – you are further up the hill than you were yesterday. Celebrate those little successes that came only with tremendous effort and tenacity. 

 Success comes with perseverance which differs from stubbornness. Pure stubbornness does not always allow you to learn from your mistakes. I know this because I am stubborn. I learn from my mistakes only when I step back and look at the situation in a logical way – in other words when I’m not just acting from pure emotion. Success comes from learning. It comes at the cost of humility.

Sometimes the problem we are frantically trying to solve… isn’t possible, unless we factor in ourselves. How do we contribute to this problem? Are we ourselves at fault? If we then remove ourselves and our contribution to the problem.. are we able to solve it? This is not laying blame but simply understanding what is truly happening. Removing yourself, your emotions, and then trying to workout the situation can be challenging.. but it also becomes manageable. The problem is no longer YOUR problem. It’s a A problem that needs a solution. 

I find it helps me to move on. It doesn’t always mean that I am ‘right’ but at least I feel as thought I am doing the ‘right’ thing. 

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