Anyone else out there who feels that they have been learning to be strong long enough? You’re not alone. Life seems to have a weird sense of humour. And there are times when you’ll probably think.. ‘right, it’s about time someone else learnt a lesson. I need a break!’. The problem is.. we don’t always get to choose.

Logically, it’s easy to know that this time of struggle will eventually come to pass. You’ll also be aware that you’re most likely going to be stronger for surviving your current dilemma. But, in the real world and in admist your tempest – it’s easy to get lost, disoriented, and down trodden.

Focus on getting through one hour at a time. When that passes focus on the next. Increase it to half a day, then a day, and so on. Eventually, you’ll have made it out of the eye of the storm. Storms can’t last forever – they only seem like they do. 

You are learning valuable skills. You’re learning coping strategies. Just like you have learnt in the mundane world that wearing a coat in winter will keep you warm – you’re now learning to cope with conflict, grief, upheaval, stress, or trauma. This will make you stronger. 

You will learn what works for you, who is still standing by your side, and you’ll also learn what it is that you truly value. The friends and loved ones who picked you up and shared your burden are your anchors. Even if all they could do was sit with you and patiently wait out the storm with you – that’s enough. That’s true friendship. 

Sometimes that’s all you need. Someone by your side. Someone who isn’t there to judge you, push you, fix things for you. If you have just one person – you are blessed. If there’s more than one in your life – you are remarkably blessed. These true spirits and kind souls – are what life is all about. Compassion, kindness, empathy, encouragement, shared strength, and love.

No one ever knows their true strength until it’s been tested. Even when you feel that you’ve been tested enough.. you’re growing, you’re becoming stronger every day… your storm was fierce. Maybe it is still fierce. But your rainbow will be a beacon of hope.

Your rainbow will be the brightest one yet! 

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