Talkers and Doers

Who agrees with this one?

Half of me does and the other half doesn’t. I think it’s important to work hard and be humble about what you’re doing. Slowly chipping away at your goal and getting closer and closer to success. Yet I don’t feel that your journey needs to be done silently. I find that discussing my journey, seeking advice, and learning from other people’s experiences often assists me in achieving my goals.

Perhaps I am simply looking at this quote in a different light – perhaps this quote is trying to tell us not to brag but let our hard work do the talking. Kind of like the old saying:

If that’s the case, I believe it. 

So which one are you? 

I never realised how long this topic has been around.. 

When you think about it.. this topic has been around since the beginning of time. There will always be talkers and there will always be doers. 

We have a choice to make. I wonder what you will decide? 

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