Any thoughts?

In many ways I believe this. I am a person with an unusual personality type – INFJ. While I am friendly with many, I wouldn’t say that they were close relationships. Once I make a deep connection with someone it’s usually a long term friendship. These deep connections don’t happen very often but I cherish them when they do. 

I might not see my close friends often – due to distance, commitments, time, but these friends stand by me no matter my life circumstances. 

And I try my best to do the same for them. We may go months and sometimes years without seeing each other. But when we do finally catch up, nothing between us has changed. 

I think it’s important to reach out and check in with your friends. Whether it’s an email, text, Facebook message, or a phone call. Sometimes you won’t know that your friend is in need – some friends find it hard to say they’re struggling.

Likewise, when you’re in need.. your friends are better equipped to help you if they know what’s been happening in your life. So if you suddenly go quiet.. they might just be aware that something isn’t quite right. 

I am blessed that I have friends who know the difference immediately. This isn’t because I can’t hide my emotions – it’s because they care deeply enough to recognise when I’m feeling down. These are the friends you want in your life. 

These are the friends who ask you how you’re doing, and they actually listen to your response because they care. It’s easy to reply that you’re ‘good’ and most people will not stop to think about your response. They were only asking as it’s a greeting and were not actually interested in your response. An astute friend will look you in the eye.. and know. 

Friends are of vital importance. Without friendship where would we be? Who would we be? I’d be lost. 

I want to thank my friends for always sticking by me.. not sure how many read this but that’s okay too! Thank you to my friends who make me laugh even when I have tears in my eyes.

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