‘Hummingbird’ by Kitten D’Amour 

Below is a snippet taken from Kitten D’Amour:

The story behind the beautiful ‘Hummingbird’ print as told by Alana (designer of all things Kitten)! …….We were very fortunate to have come across this fabric in a Parisian flea market ..a long time ago ( when I used to go on holidays 😬😬). The Brocante dealer had just been commissioned to sell many items from a beautiful 75 room Cheateau just outside of Normandy. ..The Chateau dated back from the 1700’s…

He found many gorgeous fabrics that were still rolled up and unused in their original state on the very top floor of the chateau. Not to mention many gorgeous Wallpapers that were also in there original wrapping paper.

One of those fabrics was the Hummingbird floral design that we have carefully replicated and bought back to life for our Hummingbird collection.

The original fabric itself dates back to the late 1800’s. 

A picture of the original fabric from the Chateau is attached below..

Who would have thought that this gorgeous design that sat unwanted and unused in a French Chateau for hundreds of years, covered in 18th century dust would finally make her grand debut on Thursday at Kitten D’Amour!


I absolutely love my new maxi dress and fascinator 😊

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