Are you afraid of someone knowing the true you? You shouldn’t be. You are unique.

This is a hard lesson to learn. Each of us has a different life path and while we may enjoy sharing that path with others from time to time, there will be twists and turns that only we can traverse. 

Those individual adventures that we must take build our characters. They help to shape who we are and also who we will become. Each of us are rare gems. These journeys make us more precious and allow us to sparkle and shine.

We may meet others on our journey who don’t understand our choices, or our thoughts. That’s okay. We will also meet people who just click with us and they will help us on our way. 

We have to remember to be ourselves. Don’t change for someone else – be an original. There’s only one of you! And that’s a very special thing. 

Be proud of who you are.

Be proud of your story.

Be unique. Be you.

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