Courage, dear heart.

This bought a smile to my lips. Courage comes in all shapes and forms. For some courage looks like a spectacular show of fire works and for others (me included) it is a small flame in the darkness. This doesn’t mean that I am less courageous than others, my courage just comes across differently. 

Courage is that last grain of hope that you store in your heart. It’s all that’s left once your strength has passed.  It gives you the power to try once more. 

It is the key to life. Courage is not exclusive to any one person – we can all be courageous. For some, courage is the ability to keep trying and for others it takes courage to finally let go.

It takes courage to keep believing that life will get better. It takes courage to rebuild your life after trauma. It takes courage to live.

It takes courage to resist fear, to master fear, but courage also cannot exist without fear. So if you were never afraid then you would never have courage.

Courage is not something for the faint hearted. Courage is powerful. It can change your life. 

Many people assume only an elite person would have courage. This isn’t true. Courage is overcoming your fear – whatever that fear may be. Courage may be standing up for yourself loudly, and proudly. Courage may be standing up for yourself quietly, diplomatically, cautiously. Courage is starting something new, but it’s also finishing something that has long been your goal. 

Courage can be graceful, and courage can also be that last grunt before you cross the finish line. Courage is as unique to each individual as a snow flake is in a flurry.

Courage may be one single feat or it may be the combination of daily battles. Courage is perseverance to keep on trying. It’s the ability to go on when you think your battle is lost. Courage is the will to live. 

It takes courage to push away from all that you’ve ever known. It takes courage to walk a new and unfamiliar path. It takes courage to rebuild your life. It takes courage to let go of what no longer makes you happy.

It takes courage to know that this is not how the story is going to end. It takes..

It takes courage to be the heroine (or hero) of your own story.

It takes courage, dear heart, to be who you are.

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