Change. For a small word – it has a lot of meaning. We all experience change in our lives. Sometimes it happens naturally, gradually, and mostly unnoticed like the way we grow from a child to an adult. Sometimes it happens suddenly and traumatically. And sometimes we decide to change. 

Change is inevitable. Nothing can stay exactly as it was forever. We change, we grow, and so does our environment.

We learn, we experience, and sometimes that leads us to a new perspective. You may enjoy reading the same page of your story over and over and not realise that you have in fact become stagnant. When you realise this you may be the one who wishes to turn the page and continue on with your story. Or you may have someone turn that page for you – whether you wished it or not.

Whichever way your change came about.. whether you chose it or not, it was going to happen at some point. Change can be frightening. Yet there’s something that may help you feel stronger – you have the power to control your reaction to change. You have the power to choose your new direction. You have the power to adapt. It might not seem like much – but it is. This is your life. You pick where you apply your energy. Are you going to hold onto something that ultimately didn’t make you happy? 

If you have chosen to move on from a situation – you have most likely come to the realisation that you’re not as happy in that place as you once were. If you have been pushed to change your life – then perhaps it wasn’t as great as you thought it was. In both experiences the situation was likely not making you happy or will not continue to make you happy. So why fight so hard to stay there? Why not fight harder to find something that will bring happiness and abundance to your life?

You might say that because the change had been thrust upon you that it was unjust. Perhaps it was. But really think about it – will fighting and resisting and staying in that place help you in the long run? Will being surrounded by the catalyst of change lead to a happier future? I’m not saying that it’s wrong to fight for what you believe in. Or that unjust situations should be ignored. I am simply suggesting that you think more deeply upon the situation and search for what will ultimately benefit you and the ones you care about.

Sudden change can feel disorienting, and anxiety inducing. It can feel like your world has been smashed to tiny pieces. Breathe. Hang in there. It will get better – but you have to hold on. 

Just as the caterpillar goes through a dark stage within the chrysalis so will you. Have faith that this too will change. Eventually you will find the courage to break out of your chrysalis and you will find that you have transformed. You will grow your own wings and you will fly to lofty heights. 

There is something that you must remember.. only you can do this. No one else can live your journey. You might have friends support you along the way but only you can live your life.

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