Inner Voice 

I’ve been thinking about this. It’s true.. we all talk to ourselves. When you look in the mirror you make a judgement – sometimes it might be ‘ooohh I love my hair cut’ or ‘I look puffy today’.. small seemingly insignificant judgements. It might be a full length mirror and today you’re feeling great and you tell yourself that you’re looking fabulous but there are days when you’re not feeling your best – what do you tell yourself then? If it was your friend in the mirror instead of your own reflection.. what would your inner voice say? I very much doubt that you’d be so critical, so harsh. You’d never tell your friend that they are ugly, bloated, and look woeful. So why do you say that to yourself? Our inner voice is there.. all the time. Through thick and thin, good times and bad. One thing I love so much about crossfit @hybrid__training is that my inner voice is being tested through each and every workout. Some days I rock up to the box and think ‘this is too hard’ or ‘I can’t possibly do this’. But I give it a go. And by half way through the workout my inner voice has changed its tune. It now says ‘I think I can do it’ then ‘you’re half way! Just keep going’ then ‘nearly there, don’t give up’ then ‘you’ve got this!’ And finally ‘you did it! I’m so proud of you’. It may seem like this only happens in the gym.. but it translates to life in general. My inner voice knows that I can overcome adversity – it gets tested most days of the week in the gym.. but each of those tests have been integral in my overall resilience. My inner voice has developed self compassion, strength, and courage. My inner voice knows that I can get through the storms because we have worked together before. 

I wonder who else can say that they have a stronger mind due to exercise? I think exercise is just part of the equation, the rest has come from the community I workout with. The like minded individuals who I sweat along side. The coaches who believe in me – sometimes they believe in me more than I believe in myself. I am truly grateful. I am becoming a stronger person – inside and out. My inner voice is becoming kinder and more compassionate, more resilient and more optimistic.

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