Paper Crane  (porcelain)

Thank you to my little brother and his partner Maya. These two just arrived back from Japan.. so good to see them home safely. Very grateful that they bought me a tiny crane home. Thanks guys 💕💕💕#grateful💖 #attitudeofgratitude #anorchidsview #1000papercranes 

Random Acts of Kindness 

Packaged my first lot of cranes to send out into the community for some ‘random acts of kindness’. I hope they will bring a smile to the faces of the recipients. I want to remind everyone that whoever you are, wherever you are, there are people who care about you – you are not alone. #anorchidsview #1000papercranes #randomactsofkindness 

Little crane

I’m so grateful to have such thoughtful friends. Look at my beautiful crane! A beautiful co-worker and her daughter found the crane when they were out shopping. They surprised me this morning. 😊#anorchidsview #grateful💖 

0 to go!

I did it! I have finished.. now I’ll lay them all out for a final photo.. #1000papercranes #anorchidsview This is what 1000 cranes look like. I attempted to lay them out prettily but the cat kept knocking them over! It’s been a long journey. According to the legend.. I get a wish – but you know what? I don’t need one. I am a very lucky girl and I’m so grateful to have a life filled with beautiful people. So maybe.. I can share my wish with you. What would you wish for? #anorchidsview #1000papercranes ​

72 to go!

I cannot quite believe how close I am to finishing this challenge. It’s been rewarding – I’ve found a way to relax.. it keeps my ever fidgeting hands busy and allows my mind to wander and dream. 68 little cranes have flocked together today.. as if they are ready to gather and celebrate.. wait my little birdies, we are almost there! #anorchidsview #1000papercranes

140 to go!

Today my cranes are a rainbow. And like a rainbow after a storm they represent my day. Today I signed up to a 12 week program for nutrition/weight loss. I had the ‘oh my goodness’ confrontation of ‘before’ photos. And then the rainbow came when I knew that life can only get better from here. I am well enough to embark upon this journey and I know that I am strong enough mentally and physically to do this. I know it will be a tough road ahead – but watch out world because here I come! #anorchidsview #1000papercranes #weightlossjourney

204 to go!

Today’s floral flick was inspired by my pretty dress that I wore. I love wearing flowers in my hair and pretty soft fabrics. I was on a roll making my cranes until a migraine hit this afternoon. Now that it has passed I’ll have to get folding once again. The summer holidays are almost over. #1000papercranes #anorchidsview 

240 to go!

The age old question.. which Powerade is the best? The answer… blue! Always blue! And I really needed one after my cross fit workout today. It was 35c and I felt like I was melting. The next favourite is of course, red. I have no time for orange and don’t get me started on yellow. #1000papercranes #anorchidsview