New handstand record for me.. against a wall 😜 but I’m getting there. My strength is improving and I’m having a lot of fun in the process. I’m grateful to have that ‘I’m progressing’ feeling. 


I’m grateful to have so many beautiful hearts in my life. I had a tough week last week and a good friend surprised me with a beautiful scented soap – smells divine.. later in the day another good friend popped by my classroom to see how I was going. I feel truly blessed to have friends who go out of their way to check in, and show that they care. My class buddy and classroom next door neighbours are so supportive – I feel we can get through anything when we work together. So lucky to have you girls xx And then, after work I came home to the smell of baked chicken. Mum rushed home to bake me dinner.. (I eat early so I have something in my tummy before I work out and mum knows how much I love her baked chook). I’m spoilt rotten. Then it was time to workout. I’m really lucky to be part of the 6:30 crew.. everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and the fact that we all share the desire to be the healthiest we can be is a bonus. My peers inspire me just as much as our coaches do. I’m feeling truly blessed. Thank you to all the beautiful hearts out there for your kindness 💕


I spent my morning learning how to focus and achieve my goals.. more specifically my healthy eating goals and embracing it as a lifestyle. I’ve had a bit of a tough week and felt that I wasn’t achieving to my fullest ability. I didn’t fall off the healthy eating wagon but I had a few stumbles. I know I’m human and I also know that I’m resilient soooo with the inspiration from the Hybrid Training 30 Day Challenge, I have made tick lists for what I need to do to successfully get through the week. Tick lists motivate me.. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I tick it off. But it’s also a way to keep me on track and accountable. So fingers crossed that this week will be the best one yet. 

Morning Session 

Saturday morning workout and then 30 day challenge group session. This gym has become a second home and a second family. So supportive and encouraging. It’s a place to surround yourself with your biggest cheer leaders and the best role models. I’m grateful to be a part of the Hybrid Training family.

My ‘what’

When asked what is holding me back or what has held me back from reaching my full potential.. this is my response

Well there’s always the obvious one. My health. Living with chronic illness is hard and sometimes the best I can do is get up each day. Other days are much better. It’s up and down. It’s expensive. But I think that this is not my true ‘what’. My true what was my self esteem and self worth. It took me a very, very long time working on this. I did a lot of work with my team of doctors and health care professionals to get me where I am. Where I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I am worth the effort, know that I deserve to be happy, to be healthy, and that I am worth loving. This issue perhaps stems from my illnesses – I have had to rely so much on others when I go through really sick times which made me feel like I was burdening my family (though they’d never say that). But it left me feeling like I couldn’t spend time or money on myself because I owed everyone who helped me and cared for me. My time and resources should go to them. But really, those who care for me worry more when I don’t care for myself. Using my time and money to help my health and wellbeing is not being selfish. When I am feeling well I can better help those around me. Focussing on my health has bought joy to my heart but it’s also helped my friends who worry about me too. 

30 Day Hybrid Training Challenge 

So tomorrow starts my 30 day challenge with my gym (where I do crossfit). We had to give a reason why we are starting the challenge and this is mine. 
I have severe allergies and have immunodeficiency. I have had very poor health and have been on steroids which have caused weight gain and physical discomfort.I have been working really hard with my nutritionist to lose weight but I face almost daily challenges with my illnesses. I frequently end up in hospital… tonsillitis for your average person is very uncomfortable and can mean that you’re unwell for a week.. I spend time in hospital and then am dosed up on steroids for weeks and sometimes months. Every infection usually leads to some other infection and some other mishap. This is a part of my life that I have little control over. I’ve joined up to help combat the feelings associated with chronic illness. It would be so easy to say that ‘it’s too hard’, or blame the steroids for my weight issues, or just give up. But that’s not in my nature. I want to stay motivated and interested and inspired. I want to shed the extra weight that I’m carrying so that my immune system has the best possible chance this winter. It might take me longer to drop the weight due to my obstacles but I know with the added support of this community I’ll have a secret weapon against the ‘it’s too hard’ thoughts.