30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 27

Sorry it’s a day late.. tonsillitis is knocking me about. These two are as different as a fork is to a spoon. Isla is a confident, dramatic extravert.. where as Arran is a curious, gentle introvert. Love them both to bits. #anorchidsview #30dayphotochallenge 

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 23

Something I overlook.. everyday I overlook how privileged I am. I complain that I’m tired.. and forget that I had a warm, dry bed. I complain that I’m bored of my food (restricted diet).. and forget that I have plenty of fresh, healthy, nutritious food to eat. I complain about the amount of traffic on the roads.. and forget that I have the luxury of a car to travel safely to work in. I complain that my medication costs so much.. and forget that I have access to amazing health care system. I complain that my phone battery is almost dead.. and forget how lucky I am to have access to all kinds of technology. I over look my privileged life. #30dayphotochallenge #anorchidsview #privledged