Taronga and Vivid

I’m grateful to have spent the day with Koby, Maegan, and mum. I have always loved Taronga.. but seeing the joy on Koby’s face as he saw the animals for the first time makes me love the zoo even more. And then we experienced Vivid! It was awesome. I’d encourage anyone and everyone to get out there and see it. It was completely pram accessible.. and stunning. I also loved that Taronga used this event as an opportunity to address environmental conservation. 

City Outing

What an amazing day. I went to see the ‘Mummy Exhibition’ with my mummy. Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me. Luckily I have a great mum who tagged along to keep me company. Totally recommend a trip to the Powerhouse Museum 😊#mummyexhibition #powerhousemuseum @sydneypowerhouse We also visited the Chinese Garden of Friendship today. So beautiful. This gem is hidden away in Darling Harbour. A touch of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the city. #chinesegardenoffriendship #darlingharbour 

Next was a long walk back to the bridge and a very scenic walk it was. Today we walked 17.4km… but our city is so beautiful that it was well worth it. #sydneyharbour #harbourbridge #sydneyisbeautiful #anorchidsview 

Beautiful Walk

I’m grateful to live in such a beautiful country. Mum and I enjoyed a 7km walk along the beach and over the headlands. Sydney really put on a show for us today with beautiful clear skies and warm sunshine. #grateful💖 #attitudeofgratitude #anorchidsview 

323 to go!

Found a great place to make cranes! Sitting with beautiful friends watching ‘Grease’ at an outdoor cinema! It was ‘sing-along’ night. The audience sang, danced, and recited the movie. So much fun. So grateful to spend time with my fabulous gal pals. #anorchidsview #1000papercranes #grease #outdoormoviecinema #grateful💖I’m grateful to the lovely man at the concession stand who gave me an extra tub of fruit for free! Thank you kind sir! Yum! #grateful💖 #outdoormoviecinema #anorchidsview 

Im grateful to have had a delicious lunch with some very special people. It was great to catch up today and relax. We went to Brooklyn – and I got a little lost when trying to locate our cafe.. a pair of older ladies promised me that if I couldn’t find my friends that I could eat lunch with them. They were so kind, so cheerful, and so welcoming. #grateful💖 #anorchidsview