Today was very busy at school… but it was a reminder of all the good that humanity had to offer. A group of girls from a local private school (who are already on holidays) ventured into our classrooms and provided a morning of entertainment for our students. Our theme was ‘Africa’, they had face painting, drumming, sensory activities, and craft. Such beautiful, kind young girls who gave up a day of their holidays to bring joy to some very special kids. This afternoon our very hardworking gardening expert arrived at my door with a basket full of flowers asking if my class would like to make posies as they had missed their horticulture lesson that morning. So thoughtful! Thank you. Plus we made a posey for my mum – who loves it! I’m so grateful to have a job that reminds me how privileged I truly am. It’s very grounding and warms my heart everyday. I’m also very lucky to share my workplace with kind, compassionate, funny, beautiful people.How many people can say that they work with some of their very best friends? I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many of my friends at school. My job is never dull and I’m so grateful I can laugh, smile, and sometimes cry.. along side such great people. 

Overnight Chia Porridge 

Overnight chia porridge for breakfast… was actually delicious! Made with nut milk, chia, oats soaked over night. In the morning it was heated on the stove top and dressed with banana, dry roasted almonds, and a drizzle of honey. Thanks Mum for finding more Chloe-friendly breakfast ideas and then giving it a go herself 💕

Roast Mondays

Yum! I love roast Mondays! Roast chook, veggies, and tonight stuffed apples with coconut, walnuts, orange ride, sultanas, and a drizzle of honey. Yum. I’m grateful to my mum who cooked this all while I was at the gym. She’s a treasure..she also found a yoghurt that I can eat to go with our apples! Spoilt = Chloe 

Peppermint Tea

I’m grateful to my gorgeous friend who turns my computer on each morning and the kettle and has my tea waiting for me… such a beautiful, kind, wonderful friend. Thank you 💕


I’m grateful to have had a quiet day reading. Sometimes that’s just what your mind and body needs. Luckily for me I have plenty of books.. but usually not plenty of time!Blizzard enjoyed reading with me 


Today I attended a ‘snatch workshop at hybrid__training – it was such a worthwhile experience. 2 hours of focussed learning with two great coaches. I’m really thankful that they explained each step in a way that I could understand. Everyone learns differently and it can be hard to teach a large group at once. But with only 10 participants we were able to ask questions, receive corrections, and achieve positive results. Thanks for including me 😊