Deficit Push-ups

So it was a hectic day.. and I’m so grateful to have a good friend who went for a chill out walk with me this afternoon.. and then off to the gym to sweat off today’s happenings. It was a tough workout with 5x300m rows, 50kg sled pushes.. (a cheeky 80kg one too!), followed by the daily WOD which included deficit push-ups. I never thought I’d be able to do them.. I ended up completing the workout on 20kg plates.. and just to see if I could, I tried 2 x 20kg! Yay! Progress! ​


25 x 100kg Deadlifts 

What a day! So good to be back at the gym.. and what a set tonight.. 5x100kg deadlifts x 5!!! 25 in total! Pleasantly surprised that I did it without too much pain. Hybrid really pushes me to my limits in the best possible ways. I missed 7 days.. it felt like a year. So glad to be back! Grateful to be well enough to exercise again. 


I’m grateful that it’s Friday. I’m looking forward to a big sleep in.a weekend to reenergise my flat batteries.You know you’re pale when the makeup artist who is helping you match your skin tone to foundation announces your shade as…… translucent! That’s right, I don’t have a tone.. I’m see-through.

I’m grateful for warm, snuggley, poncho jackets.. it kept the chill away and looks fabulous (even if I say so myself). I’m also grateful to be awake… it sounds silly but when you’ve struggled to be awake, to go to work, to eat, to breathe through pain.. you begin to appreciate the smallest things in life. Tonight for the first time in eight days I have minimal pain in my gut which means I’m not beyond exhausted (just tired). Yay! On the mend. 

Bunny Love

I’m grateful to have spent the day with my fur babies. I’ve been in a lot of pain the past few days but the boys bring smiles to lips and gladness to my heart. I 

Friday Fun

After such a crazy week I was very naughty and alas, forgot to write my ‘attitude of gratitude’ post for Friday. A staff member set up this fun game to bring joy and happiness to our staff. I’m grateful to work with such generous people.

Winter Wonderland 

One could almost be tricked into think that it was summer in Sydney.. when in reality we are still in winter. The sun was shining and the weather was quite warm (just over 20c). A perfect day to venture out to the ocean’s edge. I’m grateful to live not far from such a beautiful coastline, and grateful to have spent the day with my mum.


Thank you to my beautiful friend who bring such thoughtful gifts back from your trip. I look forward to making cookies! Love dreamcatchers – how did you know? And who doesn’t love a pun?! ❤️ I’m feeling very loved. 


Once again.. I’m grateful to be a member of @hybrid__training. Today was really tough but I know I’ll actually get some sleep tonight. I’ve had sleeping issues for a really long time and have been on multiple prescription medications for insomnia. If I exercise I usually sleep reasonably well (with meds). If I skip the gym I find it much harder to rest. I have found an active lifestyle that really pushes me to my limits and tires my body enough to rest. Yes.. I exercise to sleep.. other people may exercise to increase their energy levels. My challenge is to deplete my stored energy.