Christmas 🎄 Fun

I’m grateful to have spent a great day with some wonderful friends. We celebrated a year of hard work, teamwork, and success. I’m lucky to have friends that become family. #anorchidsview #gratefulđź’– #christmasparty🎄

Thoughtful Friend

So today I received a handmade card from a very dear friend. This card has been so thoughtfully constructed. Firstly.. it’s Tiffany’s blue/turquoise which is my favourite colour. The vintage filigree for my love of all things antique/vintage. The snowflakes.. my favourite shape, and also homage to our musical this year where my class performed ‘Let It Go’.. and the reindeer is adorable. I am so grateful to have someone who knows me so well đź’• #anorchidsview #christmasspirit #truefriends #gratefulđź’–