It’s amazing how colour can change an image… alter a perspective…it’s the same photograph – or is it? Why does colour change how we see the world?#anorchidsview 

Neon Party

Last night I attended a neon party. I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first as it’s the middle of winter and neon colours are generally not my thing – BUT, I am happy to be wrong. I had a fabulous time. The black lights, the face paint and the novelty of all things ‘glowing’ made for a really upbeat and ‘hip’ night. This is a theme that all generations embraced, enjoyed and ​loved. I am so glad that the birthday girl (a very close friend of mine) had a great night. 

This theme really showed how clever, creative and upbeat she really is. Jess has the rare ability to bring groups of people from all walks of life together. She makes them laugh, feel wanted, happy and comfortable. I am so blessed to have someone with such a beautiful heart in my life.