Flower Crown

What you need:

  • Ribbon
  • Craft wire
  • Scissors
  • Fake flowers

What to do:

Measure your head and cut the wire accordingly. 

Twist the wire to fasten the ends.

Twist the wire around the flower and attach to the circle.

Repeat this process.

Fasten a bow to the back of the crown.

Wrap the ribbon around the exposed wire. Fasten the ribbon under the flowers with a small piece of wire.

And you’re done!

Where the Forest Meets the Sea

  This beautiful picture book was written and illustrated by Jeannie Baker. It is gorgeous – the text is emotive yet easy enough for my students to comprehend. My students enjoyed looking closely at the pictures to find the transparent secrets that are partially hidden. This book could be used for lots of themes and topics. It is a great way to get kids thinking about the environment and the impact that humans have on our natural resources.
After we read the story my class and I went around our school and took photographs of trees, the sky, dirt, plants and anything that was brightly coloured. 

These photos were then used to make a collage based on the cover of the story.  

It turned out well seeing as our school is no where near the water or a rainforest! No one needs to know that our ocean in the picture is actually a photograph of the playground shade cloth!

Chloe’s Ocean Theme Activities

I have uploaded a lot of paper plate craft for the ocean theme that I have been teaching this term  (for those of you who do not know, I teach students with high support needs in a special school setting). I have drawn all the templates and I am happy for anyone to use them. For a large paper plate enlarge the template to A3, for a small paper plate use an A4 template.

Chloe’s Paper Plate Turtle

Chloe’s Paper Plate Seahorse

Chloe’s Paper Plate Whale

Chloe’s Paper Plate Puffling

Chloe’s Paper Plate Crab

Chloe’s Paper Plate Fish

Chloe’s Paper Plate Octopus

Chloe’s Paper Plate Penguin

Chloe’s Paper Plate Fish 2

Chloe’s Paper Plate Jellyfish

Chloe’s Paper Plate Crab

Chloe’s Paper Plate Turtle

Chloe’s Paper Plate Fish

Below I have included some more of my ocean themed activities. I have drawn each template and anyone is free to use them. But please acknowledge where you got the template from

Chloe’s Surprising Sharks Template

Chloe’s Snorkel and Mask

Chloe’s Ugly Fish Template

Chloe’s OCEAN Topic Title

Chloe’s Bubble Wrap Starfish

Chloe’s Fruit Tray Lobster