Easter Sunday 

Look how cute my earrings are 😍#Easter #bunny #earrings #anorchidsview Always love spending time with my family. So grateful to be part of such a loving, caring family. #family #easter #anorchidsview Family time is alway special. I loved how much effort my family made to ensure everyone had something yummy to eat. Everyone made an effort. So beautiful, and thoughtful. What a great lunch 😊#anorchidsview #family #family 


I got to wear my fluffy bunny tail earrings today. I love that it’s not weird to do was a tutu clad bunny at school 😂.. #bunny #easter #specialeducation #teacherlife #anorchidsview 


I’m a very spoilt girl. My beautiful coworkers surprised me with these Easter gifts. They know me very well to know my love of bunnies. While they’re only Easter decor for some.. for me they’re everyday amazing-ness! Feeling so loved and so grateful. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m blessed to work with so many kind and thoughtful souls. #anorchidsview #teacherlife #specialeducation #attitudeofgratitude #easter 

Chloe’s Egg Cups

What you need:

  • White egg cups
  • Paints
  • Paint pens 
  • Brush 

What to do:

Paint the whole cup yellow and all to dry.  

Draw two white circles.


Draw an orange triangle.  

Draw two pink circles.  

Add the black outlines and details.